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You can arrange a stress free fixed price direct cremation and our team at We Are Direct Cremations will support you every step of the way through your loved ones’ final journey.

Direct Cremation

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We are an independent family firm based in, Burntwood, Staffordshire.  We have a dedicated team of long-serving and professional staff who will guide you throughout the process of arranging a direct cremation and support you through this difficult time. We understand how important your loved ones are so we ensure that we keep you informed every step of the way.

All direct cremations take place at Chase & District Crematorium which is also located in Burntwood. We will always let you know the day of the cremation allowing you an opportunity to walk around the beautiful grounds which provide a peaceful place for some time to reflect, if you so wish.

A direct cremation is a cremation without a funeral service allowing families to decide how and where they say goodbye to their loved one at a time that’s right for them. This allows more time to grieve and plan their final goodbyes.

What to do when someone dies

We Are Direct Cremations can provide the support you need 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Arrangements can be made as soon as you require our assistance.

Free Guide: A loved one can pass away in a variety of different circumstances, here is a simple guide:

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A loved one can pass away in a variety of different circumstances, here is a simple guide:

The on-site nurses will verify the death and contact the GP to visit the building so that the death can be legally certified. At this point, we can attend to transport your loved one from the nursing home into our care.

The Bereavement Office at the hospital or nurses at the hospice will arrange for the doctor that last treated your relative or friend to certify the death. Hospitals have mortuaries on-site and we are unable to bring your loved one into our care until we are in receipt of all the relevant paperwork from the registrars at the hospital.

An ambulance technician or district nurse can verify the death but you may need to contact the deceased's GP or care nurse for verification. After that, call us and we will make arrangements to bring the deceased into our care, then a member of staff will contact you to start proceedings.

The doctor who last treated the person who has died should issue a medical certificate of death. This confirms the cause of death and means that a relative can legally register the death at a Register Office. The doctor will advise when and where this may be collected.

If a doctor cannot determine a cause of death or if the deceased hasn’t been treated by that doctor within the last 14 days, then the Coroner may become involved.

If a doctor cannot issue a medical certificate of death or if the death is sudden or unexpected, the coroner will investigate.

A coroner looks into the deceased’s medical records and carries out a post-mortem examination or instigates toxicology tests, if required.

If these examinations still do not reveal a clear outcome, an inquest may be carried out and the body of the deceased will be released to the family, although the family will not be able to register the death until the conclusion of the inquest has been established, but will be issued with an 'Interim' certificate to enable the funeral to take place.

A death must be registered within five days unless the Coroner is involved or unless you cannot obtain a medical certificate of death. To register you will need to take the medical certificate, with the patient's medical card (if available), birth certificate and marriage certificate to the registrars.

The death should be registered at a Register Office within the area where the deceased passed away and you will be issued documents.

You can also register a death by declaration at a register office closer to where you live, but you will possibly have to wait for the documentation for longer as this will need to be filled out by the register office nearest to where your relative died and that paperwork will then be sent on to your local register office.

This paperwork includes a death certificate of which copies should be obtained so that you can close bank accounts, insurance policies etc. A burial or cremation will then be authorised through the issue of a Disposal Certificate, or a Green Form, which you will need to supply for the cremation to take place. But if the death occurs in hospital we will need the green form first to bring the deceased into our care.

Details you will need include the dates and places of birth and death, the full name including the maiden name if relevant, occupation, address, the deceased’s pension details and whether that person was married. Details of the surviving widow or widower are also required.

Everything you need,
With support throughout.

We arrange the cremation
We will bring your loved one into our care, complete all the relevant paperwork and arrange the cremation.

On the day
We’ll transport your loved one to our own crematorium and carry out the cremation. But we will always tell you what day the cremation will take place for peace of mind.

After the cremation

We can either scatter the ashes for you, you can collect them from the crematorium yourself, or we can hand-deliver the ashes back to you. We also have a selection of keepsakes that can be purchased and we will handle the ashes so that you don’t have to.

We are here 7 days a week to support you through the process, we have a qualified Funeral specialist who can offer support and ideas of ways you can celebrate your loved ones’ life in a way that reflects their life.

Packages & Prices

Here at We Are Direct Cremations, we give you all the flexibility you need to organise the send-off that’s right for you.

Our package gives you an all inclusive option with support throughout the process. We also offer multiple memorial options and keep sakes – please ask for details


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Collection from a Hospital or Mortuary

Collection of the deceased (anytime)


Standard ashes container 


Optional: they can be scattered in our garden of remembrance

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Our package gives you an all inclusive option with support throughout the process. We also offer multiple memorial options and keepsakes – please ask for details

Disbursements: Third party charges that are out of our control

Removal from a Private Residence or Nursing Home - £275

Doctors fee (If required) - £82
This fee is for the doctors cremation forms that is required for the cremation to take place. If the coroner issues the death certificate then there is no fee.

Removal of hazardous implants - £50
All hazardous implants must be removed before a cremation takes place.

Frequently Asked Questions

A direct cremation is a cremation without the extras. No services, no hearse, no vicar – we come and collect your loved one, carry out their cremation and bring their ashes back within ten days.

Then you’ve got the flexibility to do whatever suits you and your family.

A direct cremation is a simple and respectful way to start the process of saying goodbye without having a traditional formal service. We Are Direct Cremations will collect your loved one, return to our beautiful memorial park and crematorium where we will carry out the cremation. Then within 10 day or less we will return their ashes to you, so you are free to arrange the send-off that’s personal to your loved one, you and your family.

When you use, We Are Direct Cremations, you’ll get the ashes back faster than anywhere else. most direct cremation companies will usually take between a fortnight and a month to get them back to you.

They’ll be back with you in just a few days. Then it’s your choice. If you want to keep them in the urn they come in, or you’d rather scatter them, it’s completely up to you – direct cremation, total flexibility.

It gives you total flexibility to plan the sort of memorial or celebration you want, without following the traditional ‘funeral’ template and It’s a lot more affordable.

No. A direct cremation means you can do whatever you want, whether that’s a service at the local golf club, a wake at the pub, or a low-key, family-only affair.

We can liaise with Funeral Directors though, so if you’re going in that direction, we can still help.

A traditional funeral refers to the actual ceremony, often in a church, where the coffin is brought in, and there is a formal service.

Following the service, your loved one is either buried or cremated.

A direct cremation is just the “cremation” bit without the formal service, which makes it a lot more flexible and affordable.

You’re free to arrange the send of that’s right for everyone involved, rather than going through a process , that can sometimes feel impersonal and detached.

This is another element to consider when you are thinking about having a Direct Cremation. Once we have all the paperwork in place, we will return the ashes within 10 days. This allows you to arrange a send-off where you can have a service, if that’s what you want, a celebration, if that’s what you want, and scatter the ashes all at the same time. Allowing everyone to experience the whole process of saying goodbye without the stress and hassle of trying to organise multiple family get togethers.

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