Benefits of Direct Cremations

Benefits of Direct Cremations

There are so many benefits related to direct cremations – the fillip being its affordability. Direct cremations cost an average of £1,647 in 2022, whereas the average cost of a funeral in the UK in 2021 was £4,056. Direct cremations are the most cost-effective option, saving on expenses such as caskets, burial plots, and administrative and funeral costs. Direct cremations are one-sixth of the cost of traditional funerals, giving families leeway to spend money on self-organised memorial services.

The greener option

Sustainability has become the watchword of an environmentally conscious society. Direct cremations eliminate the need for embalmment which toxic chemicals like formaldehyde are. Avoiding caskets with metal handles that are not biodegradable, decompose, and reduced carbon emissions because of the limited transportation involved are further endorsements for cremation.

Avoid unnecessary trauma

The death of a loved one is an overwhelmingly traumatic experience. When organising a traditional funeral, families must make more than 70 decisions within 24 hours of the death of their loved one. Cremations are the opposite. They can be organised online or telephonically, avoiding the emotional strain of visiting a funeral home.

Turnaround time

From start to finish, organising direct cremations takes only a few hours. Once arranged, the funeral home takes over, delivering the ashes to you within days of the death of your loved one. Now you are free to organise your friends and family gathering.

Planting a tree or flower bed in their memory

Planting a tree or flower bed is a kind-to-the-earth way of paying a lasting and beautiful tribute to the memory of a loved one. In recent years, biodegradable urns that transform the ashes of a loved one into a tree once planted have become an option growing in favour in the UK. The urns cost in the region of £150 and are 100% biodegradable and offer an environmentally friendly alternative way to celebrate their life.

Commissioning a bench and commemorative plaque

A memorial bench with a commemorative plaque is a touching way to remember a loved one. Some crematoria, cemeteries and churchyards offer memorial bench spots, but you will need permission from the grounds manager. If you want to place the bench in a public place, you will have to obtain the go-ahead from the appropriate local authority.

Immortalise their memory with jewellery

Nowadays, you can keep your loved one close to your heart by having their ashes used in a piece of jewellery – rings, lockets, bracelets – the list is endless. There is even a scientific procedure which transforms ashes into diamonds. This option has a price tag starting from £1,400.

Creating a memorial website or social media page

There is no better public platform to create a memorial than the world-wide-web. Whether it’s a dedicated website or a social media page, here you can share photographs and anecdotes that will keep alive the memory of your dearly departed.

Donating to charity

Your loved one may have had a soft spot for a particular charity or organisation. Donating to that institution is a meaningful way of honouring their memory.

Hosting a memorial event or gathering in their honour, such as a concert, fundraiser, or sporting event

Setting up a scholarship or bursary

There are few contributions more meaningful that helping other people achieve their goals. Memories of loved ones are made eternal with scholarship funds bearing their names. 

Divided ashes scattering ceremonies

Direct cremations allow families who live far apart to divide the ashes for separate scattering ceremonies. Apart from the savings on travelling, families can scatter ashes in places of significance to them and their loved one, be it the ocean, a mountain, or the local park.

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