Low cost Cremation plan

Low cost Cremation plan

Direct Cremation is when the body is cremated soon after death, without a funeral service beforehand.

Why a low cost cremation?

You can say goodbye to your loved one in your own way and in your own time

The direct cremation cost of £1050 is more affordable than a traditional cremation

You’re not limited by what you can or can’t do – you can have a service, hold a wake, or scatter the ashes wherever you wish

You don’t have to worry about any additional fees

The basic features of Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation Cremation does not have any pre-funeral events, like a formal funeral would typically have. This saves you money because many of the costs for a traditional funeral are avoided.

Direct Cremation process:

The body is cremated within a few days after death, as soon as all the necessary documentation and certificates have been completed.

The body is then cremated and the ashes returned to you shortly afterwards.

There is no viewing or visitation before the cremation, which eliminates the costs associated.

You decide the best memorial for your loved one and you can have this anytime you wish and to the extent that you want. Just speak to us and we can discuss all your requirements.

The Direct Cremation Service includes the following

If you’re thinking about a Direct Cremation, our above guide and plan, along with your final wishes, could be ideal for you.

A low cost cremation plan is a good way to save money on a funeral.

– We will arrange to collect your loved one
– Completing all necessary paperwork in order to obtain a permit for cremation
– We will help you with completing all necessary paperwork that is required before the cremation can take place.
– Placing the body in a suitable cremation coffin and transporting it to the crematorium 
– We will carry out the cremation once your loved one has been
returned to our crematorium 
– Once the cremation has taken place the Ashes will be returned to you

If you think a Direct Cremation is right for you please call us and we can help you through these difficult and sometimes stressful times.

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